3. Launches & Conferences

GREAT Festival of Creativity (Shanghai & Hong Kong)

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Programme & Production Director

Niccy Hallifax


3. Launches & Conferences

The GREAT Festival of Creativity was a three-day UKTI conference in Shanghai and Hong Kong respectively, with a rolling designed exhibition and entertainment each night in Shanghai. My job was to direct and programme with a small team made up of the innovison producers, directors of the GREAT campaign team and the head of UKTI marketing. I worked with more than 150 high-profile speakers from the world of architecture, fashion, furniture, interior, tech, film, media, art and lighting, and contracted more than 40 designers, architects, artists and craftsmen to be part of the rolling exhibition to showcase critically acclaimed leaders in their respected fields.


The purpose was to create a forum where deals could be brokered and discussions raised around design intellectual property and other critical issues. It was an opportunity to showcase the very best of creative excellence and the “best of British” while maintaining a no-compromise approach to delivery.


VIP guests at the event included HRH the Duke of Cambridge and high-calibre Chinese guests including government officials, film directors and more.

Great Festival of Creativity
Great Festival of Creativity
Great Festival of Creativity
Great Festival of Creativity
GREAT Festival
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