2. Ceremonies

Invictus Games 2017, Medal Ceremonies

Project details

Progress Productions (Invictus Games, Toronto 2017)

Audience: 10 million across participating nations

Executive Producer

Niccy Hallifax


2. Ceremonies

The Invictus Games was set up by HRH Prince Harry for servicemen, servicewomen and veterans with mental or physical injuries. To date, the games have taken place in London (2014), Miami (2016) and Toronto (2017).


For Toronto 2017, working as part of the progress productions team, I led the team that created the sports schedules across the six-day competition. The sports schedules were inclusive of the medal ceremonies and the entertainment aspects of the games. Working with the respective teams for broadcast, press, photography, sport and protocol, all aspects of the project had to be delivered on time and to an exacting standard. The daily KPIs were clear: Do not allow schedules to overrun; and ensure all ceremonial personnel understand the importance of achieving this.

Invictus Games 2017
Invictus Games 2017
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